Cruzer Fat Tyre Mountain Bike

Cruzer Fat Tyre Mountain Bike

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6061 alluminum alloy ,light weight and strong 2.high speed brushless motor 3.high quality lithium battery 4.26*4.0 fat city style 5..Shimano derailleur ,Velo/SR saddle, promax stem etc. famous components brand.

Ideal for for all terrain, Sand, Snow, dirt, rock  road

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Cruzer Fat Tyre Mountain Bike

Key Specifications
3. Frame: 6061 aluminium alloy
4.Tyres: 26″*4.0 (Chaoyang)

5. Rim: alum. alloy double wall and CNC side wall
6. Front fork: Front suspension fork, Adjustable suspension
7.Front brake: disk brake
8.Speed gears: Shimano 7 speed gears
9.Rear derailleur: Shimano
10.Stem: Al alloy
11 Brake lever: Al alloy with
12. Chain: KMC rust resistant chain
13. Chain Wheel: Al alloy crank
14. Mudguard: PVC Mud Guard
15. Saddle: Velo city style saddle
16. Lighting: Front & Rear LED light
17. Max load: 120kg
Package: Carton Packing (85% assembled)

18. Front wheel Quick Release clip

About Fat Tyre Bikes

Fat bikes allow people to ride bicycles in places that previously were simply not possible.

Fatties have been around for more than a decade but have only captured the mainstream cycling world’s attention over the past couple of years because of their versatility and a rise in extreme adventure races.

So How Do They Work?

Standard mountain bikes typically have a wheel width of a little over 2 inches; fat bike tires can be double that or more. The massive tires can also be ridden at dramatically lower pressure. Manufacturers suggest most standard mountain bike tires be filled to 25–65 psi, but the massive fat tires can run 10 psi or even lower. The lower pressure allows more of the tire to grip the ground under the rider’s weight, drastically increasing the rubber’s surface area.

For conditions such as snow or sand, that extra width allows the rider to float more easily over the unstable terrain. Over snow-packed single track, riders can glide through icy corners that may have sent them hurtling to the ground on a standard mountain bike. The squishier tires can also make for a much more comfortable ride on the trail.

Fat bikes make it easier to ride in or over the snow, but that doesn’t necessarily make it effortless. You might stay more upright, but you still really need to muscle your way through snowdrifts or thick sand. You’re definitely going to get in a workout.

There is a weight penalty as well. The larger rims and tires typically add at least 4 pounds to the bicycle’s weight. The penalty isn’t too severe, though; most riders are more concerned about having fun than shaving ounces off their bikes.

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Additional information

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 150 x 26 x 80 cm

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